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Welcome to Mini Bees Childcare, the premier Nursery in Hackney. We empathize with parents and caregivers who may find the cost of childcare daunting. Rest assured, Mini Bees Nursery is committed to delivering an exceptional, secure, and enriching experience for your little ones, all at highly competitive rates in Hackney.

At Mini Bees Nursery, we prioritize the well-being and development of each child in our care. Our dedicated team of professionals is passionate about creating a nurturing environment that promotes growth, learning, and exploration. We provide a wide range of stimulating activities and educational resources, tailored to suit the unique needs and interests of every child.

We have built in further discounts for parents looking for longer or more sessions over any one week. Discover the Mini Bees difference and give your child the best start in life. Contact us today to learn more about how we can cater to your childcare needs. 

Mini Bees Childcare Feea

Brief - Fee Terms & Conditions

Included in Fees: Fees include all meals, snacks, formula for infants, nappies, and trips. Fees are due in advance, and we issue invoices mid-month for the following month. Unfortunately, there can be no refunds for sickness or holidays. Fee increases will be calculated in January and will be based on the previous year’s running costs. These will be then applied in the following March’s invoice.

*A more than 10% discount has been applied to full-time fees (full-time is classed as 5 full days)

Discounts: 10% sibling discount, where two children attend same sessions (applies to older sibling only)

Minimum Days Condition: We require a minimum of 2 sessions per week

Early drop off or late pick up: We offer an early drop off (7:30) and late pick up (18:30) service. This is available on request and incurs an extra charge of £6 for each day early drop off and £6 for each day late pick up.

Deposit: £300.00 deposit per child refundable at end of contract (provided notice criteria met)

Registration Fee: £50.00 registration fee non-refundable

Weekly/Monthly Payments: Weekly/monthly payment in advance in cash or bank transfer (No cheques
accepted). Fees are calculated on the yearly basis, averaged into 12 monthly payments i.e., each invoice is weekly or 4.30 weeks per month. Monthly payments will include bank and public holidays as well as inset days, which are payable in full in spite of closure, as our monthly staffing costs remain the same.

Ad hoc days: Subject to availability, you can purchase extra ad hoc days at the standard daily rate. Ad hoc days can be booked a maximum of two weeks before the requested date.

Emergency day swaps: In cases of healthcare or childcare emergencies we can offer an emergency day swaps (maximum 5 in a year) subject to availability. An agreed emergency day swap is to be used in the same calendar month as the absence. Bank holidays and nursery closures are exempt.

Plan swaps: Please note, we do not allow plan swaps between families or between siblings.

Funding: Government funding is available to all 3-year-old children for 15 hours per week (or 30 hours per childcare week subject to eligibility and application) from the term following their third birthday. Some 2-year-old children may also be eligible for 15 hours per week from the term following their second birthday (please speak to staff to check eligibility). The funding covers 38 weeks of the year (term time), and therefore the fee during term time will vary if you are entitled to 15/30 hours funding.

Tours: We offer a set number of slots for tours throughout each month and will invite families on the waiting list to view in the order that they registered.

Place acceptance: In order to accept a place, you are required to pay a registration fee of £50 and the place acceptance deposit of £300 which will be deducted from your final invoice. At the point you accept a place, your refundable deposit of £300 will become a non-refundable joining fee if you changed your mind or decided not to take the place. Upon receipt of registration fee and deposit,
we will confirm your sessions are secure by sending an acknowledgment email.

Making changes to your plan: Should you wish to decrease the number of sessions your child attends/is due to attend, 2 months written notice is required, which must then be confirmed by email by Mini Bees. This is applicable prior to starting and during your time with us. Should you wish to increase your plan, additional days are based on availability and are not guaranteed. Decreases in your child’s plan are also subject to availability and we cannot guarantee that we’ll
be able to offer your requested days, as we have to balance our staffing and attendance evenly
across the week.

Cancelling a confirmed place

Cancelling more than 3 months prior to starting: We will refund your £300 deposit if you cancel your child’s place more than 3 calendar months ahead of your child starting nursery with us. Your £50 registration fee will remain non-refundable.
Cancelling less than 3 months prior to starting: We ask that you inform us as soon as possible. We will not be able to refund either your £300 deposit fee or your £50 registration fee, and you will be liable for any fees over and above the value of the £300 deposit fee, that are payable during the 3 month notice period.
Serving notice once your child has started Mini Bees: We require 2 months’ notice in writing, which means that your contract with the nursery will not end until 2 calendar months after the day on which you contact us to cancel your child’s place. You will be responsible for paying the fees during that time. All outstanding fees remaining will need to be paid in full.

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