Mini Bees Childcare in Hackney

Food We Serve

What Children Love?

Children love our freshly prepared meals and snacks – so be prepared, you might get asked to make them at home!

Each yummy dish on our carefully designed 15-day menu cycle is nutritionally planned to balance food groups and provide children with a rich variety of tastes and textures throughout the week.

Our Menus

Our childcare are proud to serve every child with freshly prepared food from our carefully designed 15-day menu cycle. These menus are nutritionally planned, balancing food groups, appropriate portion sizes, salt and sugar intake.

Your child will enjoy a rich variety of tastes and textures, with meals that offer a balance of carbohydrates, colourful vegetables, proteins, pulses and fresh fruit throughout the week.

Additional Nutritional Information

Your child’s health and nutrition is important for their physical development and long term health, but it doesn’t stop there…

Nutrition also affects focus, cognitive development, hand-eye coordination and much more. That’s why creating healthy eating habits during childhood is so important.